Amy Mantis


More Inspiration - Julian Weisser

February 5, 2013

I’m going to talk about a dear friend of mine.  His name is Julian Weisser, and he is one of the most inspiring people I know.  He’s working on an amazing new way to share music (Bundio - check it out), took part in last year’s MassChallenge, finagles his way into the most incredible situations, and is a very talented musician.  I’m talking to him as I write this, and I’m inspired to go create meaningful stuff because that’s what Julian does.

I admire Julian for many reasons.  His ability to ship, his go-getter attitude, his openness and willingness to share, and his passion in general.  He also has a very optimistic yet pragmatic approach to the world.  Oh, and most importantly, he’s not afraid to fail.

Some people bring out the best in others.  Julian is one of those guys.  I’m honored and grateful to call him a friend.  He’s not even 23 and already has a resume that makes most people envious.

So I’m gonna go play guitar for a bit before I call it a night.  Canary needs more songs in open G so I don’t bring my Telecaster for literally one song (but the song is pretty awesome so it’s worth it).