Amy Mantis


More Mick Fleetwood

February 25, 2013

Mick Fleetwood is my favorite Fleetwood Macker.

That doesn’t sound right, does it?  The guitarist’s favorite is the drummer.  Well, Mick isn’t like any other drummer ever.  Without him, Fleetwood Mac would not exist - the band is literally named after him and John McVie.

Let me elaborate.

Fleetwood Mac is Mick and John’s band.  It’s not Stevie and Lindsey’s.  Where does Christine McVie fall into this?  It was her band and if she comes back it will be her band again.  I’m not saying that Fleetwood Mac isn’t Lindsey and Stevie’s band, but they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be in the band if it weren’t for Mick Fleetwood.

As Christine said in the Classic Records documentary on Rumours, Mick is the big daddy of the band.  Everything goes through Mick.

I’ve read Ken Caillat’s book Making Rumours and as I just mentioned, I’ve seen the Classic Records documentary on Rumours.  There was a part in the documentary where Mick talks about needing the band and the other four members all say something along the lines of Mick is the driving force behind the band, he’s the glue, it’s his heart’s desire, and it’s all true.

And the same applies to me.