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Musical Theater Influences - Hair

I actually don’t think I’ve touched my guitar yet.  Oops.  No wonder why I’m feeling blah.  I also saw Les Miserables, which was really good but it’s as depressing as the title.  I’m a huge musical theater fan and I haven’t seen Les Mis on stage.  I had a ticket to it this past March in Boston but it was during SXSW.  Priorities.

Let’s go back to musical theater.  I love musicals.  Oh, I actually did see Les Mis - when I was in the womb.  That might explain my adoration for theater.  My mom is one of the biggest musical theater lovers I’ve ever known.  I saw Cats at the tender age of four.  And loved it.  Throughout 2009 up until 2011, I had seen 80% of the shows on Broadway.  We (my mom and I) became obsessed and we loved ever second of it.

My favorite musical ever might be Hair because it changed my life.  I hadn’t seen anything like the 2009 revival in my entire life.  I saw it three times that year and a fourth time at my local theater in 2010.  The first time shook me to my core.

For starters, the music is essentially classic rock music.  The story is about being true to yourself and facing the harsh realities of life.  It’s about love, acceptance, fear, joy, rebellion, identity, trust, education, politics, everything.  It covers the spectrum.  Let the sunshine in.

My inability to articulate my passion for Hair doesn’t surprise me.  I was slack-jawed as I left the theater.  It’s one of the only shows in recent memory that I bought a t-shirt from (and wear on a regular basis).

This post is a mess.

Top Five:

The Allman Brothers
Joni MItchell
Fleetwood Mac
Led Zeppelin
The Les Mis soundtrack 

Bonus!  Top Five Musicals:

The Lion King

I can’t finish that.  It would take me literally all night.