Amy Mantis


Musicians and Injuries

January 17, 2013

At some point, chances are you will sustain a physical injury.  Musicians are no different, unfortunately.  Except unlike baseball, there is no disabled list for us.  At least not in the same capacity.

I’ve been dealing with wrist, elbow, and neck problems for almost two years now.  After yesterday’s session, my arms are spent.  Even typing this, my hands are getting tired (I’m also tired).  My whole body is tired from yesterday, which is to be expected because recording is draining.

There isn’t one person - well, actually, no, I think Naomi is fine.  She thought she had nodes about a year ago but she didn’t.  So let’s rephrase that: four out of the five people in Canary have a physical injury of some sort.  The instrumentalists.  Hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, necks, backs - there’s something for all of us.

I’ve been meaning to look into the Alexander Technique, acupuncture, and a whole bunch of other things to help alleviate the issues.  My issues are tightness in my wrists and forearms, and I’m loose-jointed.  I was diagnosed with that.  Not sure how someone can deduce that but whatever.  I stretch, I went to occupational therapy, physical therapy, used massagers, had massages, but I’ve yet to completely rid myself of pain.

You know what - I’m so tired from yesterday that I need to stop writing and go to bed.