Amy Mantis


Practicing and Playing

I missed February 1st.  And there was no good reason for me to miss it.  I was reveling in my JCM 800 and then went to the movies.  I’ll post twice today.

There’s a difference between practicing and playing.  I’ve been playing.  I haven’t been practicing, and because of that my playing has suffered.

I don’t know if most musicians will agree with that statement.  I know some of them will.

I want to go back to practicing for hours on end.

So what’s stopping me?  When I was 13 I had no issues with spending literally hours on end in my basement with my guitar strumming the same four chords over and over and over and over.  Yesterday I sat down with all the intentions in the world to practice for a good while, and then I didn’t.  I started off okay, and then I fizzled out.  I let the 13 year old in me down.  Now I feel bad.  And the 13 year old me wouldn’t want me to feel bad so I’ll make it up to her today and practice.

Really practice.  I have to meet a friend at 3PM and then I will take my own advice which is to not get mad when I don’t practice.  Because it doesn’t fix anything.