Amy Mantis


Rock n Roll Rumble - Boston

April 13, 2013 1:39AM

You know the drill (this counts for the 12th).

Tonight I stopped by TT the Bear’s for the first time since Canary played the side stage there in March of 2011.  Boston’s annual Rock n Roll Rumble is happening right now and tonight’s lineup was pretty awesome.  Thanks, Ryan Spaulding, for tweeting about it.  Otherwise I’d have sat in my room all night by myself.  Honestly that wouldn’t have been as sad as it sounded.

So I go to the Rumble, I run into my old internship supervisor, Melissa Zeigler.  She’s the photographer, which I knew but didn’t think about it too much.  I hadn’t seen her in nearly a year (which is WAY too long because she is AWESOME).  I ran into Ryan, met some other people, saw some killer bands (Coyote Kolb and The Field Effect), and had a lot of fun.

I just have one question.

How do bands get to be part of the Rumble?  I’ll have to ask Melissa, but seriously, how?

I feel like I’ve missed so much of the Boston music scene despite being a part of it for a while now.  Well, I’ve been part of the Berklee portion of it, which is not nearly as great as it should be, but that’s another post.  But I’ll say a few things about it right now:

My friends bitch about the Boston music scene.  They say that there isn’t one.  That’s not true.  There are dozens of incredible bands in this city, and the scene is thriving.  Based on what I saw tonight, Boston’s got it going on.  These are BOSTON bands, not BERKLEE bands (granted the Field Effect, I think, is all Berklee kids.  Alums, actually).  There’s a difference.  And I’m not talking ability or genre.

I’ll probably go check out the Rumble again tomorrow night.  Maybe I’ll meet a few more people - maybe you!