Amy Mantis


Singing Loud

September 8, 2013

It’s very hard to practice singing loudly.  Not because it itself is hard (but it kind of is), but because it’s hard to find the right time and space.  The only place I can sing loud is in my car, and I’m in need of a new battery so I don’t like to leave my car half on.  And then I also don’t like to idle because of the gas.  I sing while I drive, but my focus is more on driving safely - which isn’t a bad thing for singing because I’m better when I distract myself.

Singing loud is liberating though.  I was practicing today and I was really getting the hang of it.  I was also distracted myself - I wasn’t driving, I was exercising.

Singing is still a relatively new thing for me.  Yes, I have always been one to sing along to music, but it was absent minded singing.  Singing itself is liberating.  As is music.  I’m losing the thread so I’m just gonna go and continue listening to Todd Rundgren.