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Lizard Lounge - 1.20.14

I have no more excuses.  Daily blogging commences once again starting today.

I played at the Lizard Lounge last night.  I was going to do a new song as I usually do each week to keep it fresh.  I wrote a song. I'll record it and post it soon, but I didn't feel like it was ready, even though I have been known to play songs with the ink still drying on the page.  This one was different.  It wasn't time.

So I was gonna play "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" (which I did actually play) and "Hey Stranger."  I didn't play "Hey Stranger because I had too much fun with "You Ain't..." that I wanted to keep it going with my old standby, "A Fool Like Me."  They're both blues songs, but I didn't care.  I wanted to keep the party going.

The party will continue on Friday night at the Davis Square Theatre with Amy Herrera and Steve Subrizi.  Starts at 10PM, folks!  See ya there!

Enjoy the tunes: