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The Art of the Playlist

I was making mixes/playlists the other day.  I don't make mixes very often because it's an agonizing process for me.  Seriously.  I started with over 70 songs that I had to dwindle down to 31 to fit on two CDs.  It was torture.

See, for me, the songs have to flow.  I can't just throw a completely random bunch together - that's a different process.  No.  The end of the song has to flow well enough into the beginning of the next song.  I don't like having two songs in the same key back-to-back.  If I include the same artist more than once (Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and Tom Petty all make multiple appearances) then I have to properly space them out.  It's no easy task.

That being said, I still want to be a Classic Vinyl DJ for a day.  It might kill me, but it'd be worth it.

Over And Over And Over

My tendency to wear out CDs has been a lifelong running joke.  It started with Thriller on tape at the tender age of two.  I broke it.  I wore it out.  Since then I've worn out CDs ranging from the Lion King soundtrack to the best of Tom Petty.

That's one reason I'm incredibly grateful for technology.  If I were still 100% dependent upon CDs (or vinyl or tape), I'd have worn out probably every CD I own - more than once.  The songs I've starred on Spotify get more airtime than, well, a lot more than other songs.  Some people use that to mark songs that are new that they like.  Not me.  The starred songs are songs that I want to hear over and over and over and over and over again.

I was once asked if I was obsessive.  Yes.  I am.  With some things.  One of my students keeps saying "that sounds like an obsession" whenever I talk about a band I love.  Well, yes, it is.  To a degree I absolutely have an addictive/obsessive personality.  Mainly when it comes to music and the Boston Red Sox.  I mean, in life I'm typically an all-or-nothing person because I function better that way, believe it or not.  And it keeps things interesting.

My current jam is off of Bruce Springsteen's latest album.  The song is "Harry's Place" and it's just...It makes me feel a plethora of emotion.