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As promised - a list of custom earplugs:

Etymotic Musicians Earplugs

I have these.  They are the best thing I've ever bought outside of my guitars (my MONO cases are a very close second).  I don't know how I survived without these.  I go to a lot of shows, play a lot of shows, rehearse a lot - I'm around loud music a lot.  These are infinitely beneficial for me.  I look forward to retaining most of my hearing for my life thanks to these (and Eddy McGrath).

I have the 15dB filters, in case you're wondering.

Northeastern University in Boston can make these for you.  They're worth every penny. You get a hearing test first and then they make the molds.  It takes about three weeks to get them.



Westone - My friends in Filligar have these for their in-ear monitors.

They're all really a variation on a theme.  If you want in-ear monitors, then I'd look into Westone.  I recommend something - I highly highly HIGHLY recommend doing something to preserve your hearing IMMEDIATELY.  Once it's gone, it's gone.