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The Art of Doing

I was talking with a friend tonight.  She's one of the most talented writers I know.  Puts me to shame.  Except for on execution.  Although lately that's debatable.

I believe in inspiration and striking when the iron is hot.  But how does the iron get hot?  Waiting? No.  Not by waiting.  By doing.  I write every day.  I may not always write here, but I always start or edit a song and I keep a journal in which I rarely miss a day.  By no means am I a perfect writer, but I like to think that I increase my chances each time I put pen to paper.  Or fingers to a keyboard.

I'm an advocate of doing.  Always.  Like Seth Godin says, always be shipping.  These posts are me shipping.  Are they perfect?  No.  Are they done?  That's debatable too.  But they get shipped.  Same with songs.  I played a song that was less than three hours old a couple of weeks ago.  Risky?  You betcha.  Worth it?  Absolutely.

Past and Present

I have eaten more pork pie in the past 24 hours than any human ever should.  I'm probably going to have more after this.

I saw the movie Saving Mr. Banks tonight.  It was nothing shy of fantastic.  It was inspiring.  It's the story of P.L. Travers, the creator of Mary Poppins (I almost wrote Harry Potter.  Oops.  Wrong author), and Walt Disney and how Mary Poppins became a movie.  It was wonderful.

There were lots of wonderful moments, but two of my big takeaways were the following:

- Everything starts off as an idea
- The happiest people sometimes have the saddest lives

In regards to the first, everything starts off as a simple idea.  The phrase "Hey, what if I did" has been the progenitor of nearly everything.

And the second one speaks for itself.  And we see it all the time.  It's pretty amazing.

Happy Christmas, everyone.


I've talked about Filligar before, but they are undoubtedly one of my favorite bands I have come across in the past decade that I need to talk about them more.

To begin with (everything (Almost Famous fans will get that)), Filligar is simply a great band.  My personal fondness for them as people aside, they are great musicians.  And they are really terrific people.  I've seen them nine times and, with the exception of the first show, I have spent considerable time with them pre and post show and they're always a great hang.

I think the biggest thing for me is that they have what I want (but have been unable to maintain): a band in the true sense of the word.  They're brothers and a friend.  They started in a basement playing Nirvana songs.  They've been a band longer than I have been playing guitar.   Everyone contributes to the writing.  They tour around the country in a van.  They've played venues that hold 50 people and venues that hold 20,000 people.  They did it on their own terms and as organic as possible.  And they did it together.

You know what?  I lied.  Te biggest reason why I love them is because they inspire me.  Whenever I listen to Filligar or see them live, I'm always inspired to write, to play, to book more shows, and to do more in general.  I go home excited.  

So thanks, boys, for your music and for your inspiration.  I'll see you on the road soon, and I'll come visit you on the west coast or in Chicago one of these days. 

This video is one of their latest (and one of my favorite) songs, "Pacific Time," off their latest album Hexagon .