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More Christine McVie

I don't know if you heard the news, but Christine McVie wants to rejoin Fleetwood Mac.

That is one of the greatest things I have ever heard in my entire life.

Contrary to popular belief, Christine McVie is the reason that band worked so well in the 70s and 80s.  Stevie and Lindsey are incredible, but Christine is special in ways they are not.  She plays third fiddle, but is she really?  She has written some of their best songs and has been more consistent than Lindsey or Stevie in terms of quality contribution (Lindsey became unruly on Tusk, and Stevie wasn't at her best on Mirage).

Sure, she never had the notoriety that the other two songbirds received, but who are we kidding - she knows she's the original songbird!  Without Christine, Fleetwood Mac is a blues band (and there is NOTHING wrong with that - their earliest stuff is killer).  Christine joining the band is what enabled Stevie and Lindsey to join and write.

I saw Fleetwood Mac without Christine in April.  It was a really good show.  But Stevie doesn't sing "Don't Stop" the way Christine does and "World Turning" doesn't have the same power without Christine.  I can't remember if Lindsey took all the verses or if Stevie sang Christine's.  Either way, they can't sing like Christine.  Her voice has certain subtleties that theirs don't - and vice versa.  But taking away one of the three makes all the difference in the world.

If Christine rejoins the band, the tour will be the best tour of the century.  They would be unstoppable.

Christine McVie

April 19, 12:10AM

I saw Fleetwood Mac tonight in Boston.  They were great.  If Christine McVie was with them it would be one of the best concerts ever.  The three people they have trying to make up for her fall short.

Undeservedly so, Christine McVie has been put on the back burner in regards to her importance in Fleetwood Mac’s success.  She spearheaded the transition from Fleetwood Mac being a blues band to something a bit (a lot) more mainstream.  Let’s take a look at some of her songs:

(In order of what comes to my head first)

Don’t Stop
Oh Daddy
The Chain (yes, I know it’s credited to all five of them, but it stemmed from Christine’s song Keep Me There and Stevie’s demo song called The Chain)
You Make Loving Fun
Say You Love Me
World Turning
Think About Me
Over My Head
Sugar Daddy
Warm Ways
Hold Me
Love In Store
Little Lies
Only Over You
Over & Over

I know I’m missing some, but look at that list.  Wow.

Christine has such a clear and emotional voice.  There’s a subtlety to it that tells you everything you could possibly need to know.  Oh, and she can play the piano.  And the organ.  And every other keyboard in between.  And she’s so classy!  She is so classy it kills me.  She’s forever thanking everyone and respects her audience so so much.

She rolled with the boys and eventually lead the way.  Yes, Mick was in charge and was the one who invited Stevie and Lindsey to join the band.  But it was Christine who challenged Lindsey and Stevie to do their best writing.  I know firsthand that there are very few things better for a songwriter than another songwriter.  It’s a challenge - who can write more, who can write better, whose songs get the best reactions.  But at the same time it’s the opposite of a challenge because in a band, you’re all on the same team.

There’s a rawness to Fleetwood Mac in general, and Christine certainly provides her fair share of that.  One of the best things about Fleetwood Mac is that it shouldn’t exist.  If you think about all that the band has suffered through, most bands would call it quits.  But not the Mac.  Nope.  When one door closes another one opens, and they opened the gates of heaven when Christine McVie joined.  When Stevie and Lindsey joined, they were practically handed the universe.  But it started with Christine.

I have so much respect for Christine McVie.  Or should I call her by her maiden name - Christine Perfect.  Because she is nearly flawless.

More Mick Fleetwood

February 25, 2013

Mick Fleetwood is my favorite Fleetwood Macker.

That doesn’t sound right, does it?  The guitarist’s favorite is the drummer.  Well, Mick isn’t like any other drummer ever.  Without him, Fleetwood Mac would not exist - the band is literally named after him and John McVie.

Let me elaborate.

Fleetwood Mac is Mick and John’s band.  It’s not Stevie and Lindsey’s.  Where does Christine McVie fall into this?  It was her band and if she comes back it will be her band again.  I’m not saying that Fleetwood Mac isn’t Lindsey and Stevie’s band, but they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be in the band if it weren’t for Mick Fleetwood.

As Christine said in the Classic Records documentary on Rumours, Mick is the big daddy of the band.  Everything goes through Mick.

I’ve read Ken Caillat’s book Making Rumours and as I just mentioned, I’ve seen the Classic Records documentary on Rumours.  There was a part in the documentary where Mick talks about needing the band and the other four members all say something along the lines of Mick is the driving force behind the band, he’s the glue, it’s his heart’s desire, and it’s all true.

And the same applies to me.