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Past and Present

I have eaten more pork pie in the past 24 hours than any human ever should.  I'm probably going to have more after this.

I saw the movie Saving Mr. Banks tonight.  It was nothing shy of fantastic.  It was inspiring.  It's the story of P.L. Travers, the creator of Mary Poppins (I almost wrote Harry Potter.  Oops.  Wrong author), and Walt Disney and how Mary Poppins became a movie.  It was wonderful.

There were lots of wonderful moments, but two of my big takeaways were the following:

- Everything starts off as an idea
- The happiest people sometimes have the saddest lives

In regards to the first, everything starts off as a simple idea.  The phrase "Hey, what if I did" has been the progenitor of nearly everything.

And the second one speaks for itself.  And we see it all the time.  It's pretty amazing.

Happy Christmas, everyone.