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Stretch! No, really - stretch!

As I was in the midst of the first half of my 60 minute before noon practice routine (I broke it up into two 30-minute sessions today, because I felt like it), I realized that I didn't stretch.  And I paid the price.

So, guitarists, bassists, and all musicians alike, do yourselves a favor and get into the habit of stretching before you practice.  I do a couple minutes of wrist flexing and extending on both hands.  Then I do circles, five times with each hand in both directions.  It takes about three minutes at the most, and the return on investment is wondrous.

I'm a [insert profession/interest here]

I'm an artist.  Or at least I call myself an artist (really I call myself a guitar player who sings her own songs, but artist sums it up more concisely) and something I have been thinking about recently is how to be an artist in today's world.  Or how I can justify calling myself an artist.

I was listening to another Good Life Project podcast.  This one was with Jeff Goins, and he and Jonathan Fields (the host) were talking about finding your vocation or your purpose.  It was a great conversation, and one bit that really stuck with me was the notion of people being polymaths.  Meaning we don't have to just do ONE thing.  We can do and excel at several things.  Jeff uses Leonardo da Vinci as an example of a polymath.  Now I'm no da Vinci, but it got me thinking that I don't have to only be an artist to be able to call myself one.  In addition to my performing and songwriting, I also teach music.  The only business card I have does not say "artist" on it.  It says "Guitar Teacher."

But I'm not only a guitar teacher!  I'm a musician, I'm a music teacher, I'm a snowboard instructor, I'm a writer, I'm a salesperson, I'm a sailor, I'm all these things.  And I'm sure you are a bunch of things, too.

The point is, I'm finally coming 'round and accepting that it's okay that I'm not solely a performing musician.  In fact, I will probably always be something more than solely a performing musician.

A Musician's PSA

Oh my!  It's late.  I went to see my voice teacher's band play tonight.  It was awesome.

It had been a fair while since I'd been to a show that required earplugs.  In 2011, as part of my Health and Wellness class, I bought custom-made earplugs.  They are the best investment I have ever made - my MONO cases are a very close second.

I cannot urge you enough to buy custom earplugs if you are a musician - or an avid concert goer.  Once your hearing goes, it's not coming back.

Please.  Please please please PLEASE I BEG OF YOU GET EARPLUGS.  You will thank me later.

I'd post options but it's 2:30AM and I need to sleep.  I'll post options tomorrow / today.