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Once Again

Happy 2016!

Here's to the best one yet.

I look forward to using this much more consistently to share whatever adventures I have along with more guitar videos, guitar lessons, songs, thoughts, ideas, actions, notions, books, friends, family, gains, losses, stories, and everything in between.

My first order of business will be to post some guitar exercises that I do along.  I haven't hunted it down but there has to be a cool guitar-tab-writer program I can use to help this process.  How else do other people produce such nice PDFs!?

I will be in Los Angeles in late February/early March to make a record with my friend Brian Packer in the producer's chair.  I've been looking forward to this for a long, long time.  No idea when we are going into the studio or when this collection of songs (an EP..but collection of songs sounds cooler to me), but I will inform you of its production inception and completion when both times come.

I'm going to copy Derek Sivers and share my favorite bits and pieces of books I read from now on.  First on the list is Elizabeth Gilbert's latest, Big Magic.  I think it has a lot of nuggets for you all to enjoy and possibly even take to heart.

So, on that, I will go.  You will hear from me soon - scout's honor!