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You can have my past / I'll never get that back


Each month is a new beginning.  Technically, each day is a new beginning, and if you want to get really deep, every moment is a new beginning.  Some people like to wait until the first of something to start over.  Namely the first of the year.  I get it, but I also hate New Year's Eve/Day.  I think it's a dumb holiday, but that's for another time.

The title of this post is from the song "Days Are Gone" by HAIM, one of my favorite bands as of late (I also championed them in a post a while back).  I think it's such a great phrase that is applicable to all of us.  Whenever I find myself feeling nostalgic, I think, 'No.  It's done.  Let it go.  It happened.  It was great/terrible/awesome/the worst thing ever, but it's done  now. '  It's far easier to say to let things go than it is to actually let things go, but I like to think I have a handle on letting things go for the most part.

I'll never get my past back.  Neither will you.  Our pasts are important, but things are happening now that are just as important.  We just don't realize it yet.  And we have a tendency to romanticize, exaggerate, minimize, or alter the past in some way to better suit what we wanted them to be.  The past is subjective.  Our memory is subjective.

Wow, this took a turn I wasn't expecting.

I hope that you're looking forward to a new month.  Go kick some ass.  And let your past be in the past.