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I just received a newsletter from a dear friend of mine.  This letter's topic was failure and how it's important to embrace it.

Failure is often what holds us back, but the most successful people tend to look at it as an opportunity to improve or try something else.  Failure can be more liberating than we realize.  I learned that this year.  After Canary's second singer quit, I was initially crushed, but as time went by I realized that there were some positives.  That was the last straw for me.  I started taking voice lessons in an effort to take musical matters more into my own hands.

By failing to get to where I thought we as a band were heading, I began to pursue other avenues.  Musically and otherwise.

I've lost elections, I didn't make the varsity teams (to be honest that was more of a choice than anything else.  JV softball was waaaay more fun), the soccer team I coach has a losing record, I had a batting average of .000 for an entire softball season, I didn't pass my sailing test the first time around, I didn't get a scholarship upon entering Berklee, Canary has struck out on record labels, management, agents, you name it, we've missed it.  We have failed at it. 

And yet I still continue.   The following softball season I performed much better.  I can't tell you what my average was, but there were numbers in it that were not zero.  I received a scholarship from Berklee two years into it.  I passed my sailing test the second time around.  And Canary, well, we're still here.  It's been slow but we're still here.

What's that Winston Churchill quote?  "When you're going through hell, keep going." 

I couldn't agree with you more, Winnie.