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Knowing When To Quit - I Missed A Day On Purpose And That's All, Folks

So I realized I was wrong about my attempt to do 101 full songs in 101 full days.  That was definitely too much.  And Rocco (voice teacher) was right in that unless I have nothing else to do, it's going to drive me crazy.

What's better in the long run: having 101 so-so videos or having 10 really fantastic videos?  I think the latter.

I could keep making a video a day, and maybe I'll do 15 second daily videos on Instagram because those are much easier to do.

Now all the time (around two hours if I'm doing the video/song justice) will go back into my life to focus on getting better at songwriting, singing, and guitar-slinging.

I'm a little disappointed in myself, but you live and you learn.  What else is there to do?