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And Another One Gone / Sailing / The Importance Of Hobbies / Routines

I missed yesterday due to extreme tiredness.  I had been out racing sailboats all morning and afternoon and after I showered I was out like a light at 8PM.

So I start anew today.

I also went sailing today and finally passed my Red Test!  That means I can now sail on the days when the wind is heaviest.  It also means I can now take the tests for all the other boats at Community Boating, and that is awesome.

For a little while, I was kind of anti-hobbies.  I wanted to focus ONLY on Canary.  That backfired.  I think I put too much pressure and expectation on myself to make the band succeed.  I didn't party a lot (still don't), while at Berklee I dropped my extracurriculars down to only Peer Advising, I didn't do any organized sports, didn't snowboard, didn't travel a whole lot - the list goes on.  I may have shifted a little too far the other way, but I'm okay with that.  I'm aware of it, and I'm realigning my life and my goals.  It's good.

I'm also realigning myself with a routine.  A consistent morning routine.  I haven't crafted it entirely yet, but it's there.  The seed has been planted, the sapling will grow as long as I water it.

Widening Limits

As you can see, I changed my tumblr theme to show dates.  Yay! 

I wrote an essay earlier this year where I talked about human beings having unlimited potential.  I firmly believe in that.  Yet, for a while, it seemed as if I didn't believe in it for myself.  I was so concerned about having a successful band that I forgot to look beyond my nose sometimes.  Fast forward to now, and my horizons have expanded ten-fold.  I'm doing things I never thought I'd do and I'm seeking things out that I never thought I would.

I can't tell you why I felt the need to - actually, I can.  Despite the fact that being a musician is a very unsure road, I felt safe as a guitarist and songwriter.  That's what I've done since I was 13.  So why wouldn't I keep doing it?  I love it.  And I still do and I'm still doing it, but I've branched out.  It's been scary sometimes, but I haven't been deterred by not being an instant success at..well, at anything I've attempted in the past year.  From singing to sailing to jumping into politics to anything.  So what if I'm not great yet? I'll get there.  It might take me years for me to get there, but I'll get there.  Where is there?  I'm not sure yet.  I'll let you know when I do.

So just because you're a musician or a banker or a salesman doesn't mean that's all you are.  Oh no.  You are so much more than that.