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Practice Schedule Part One

I'm working on a video for "When Love Comes To Town" by U2 an B.B. King and it's taking much longer than I thought.  It's for the solo, and the breakdown of it is troubling me because I keep forgetting the order of it.  I know, bad fan/guitar player for not remembering a B.B. King solo.  He'll understand I'm trying to do it right.


About that schedule.  Here's the 60 minute breakdown:

10 minute warmup (finger exercises, 40BPM two minutes each of quarter, eighth, triplets, and 16th notes, then one minute of quintuplets and sextuplets)
10 minutes of a major scale in random key, three octaves, modal, etc (50 to 80BPM)
10 minutes of sight-reading (Reading Studies for Guitar by Bill Leavitt, 46BPM)
30 minutes of whatever song I'm working on.  Lately it's been "Power To Love" by Hendrix/Band of Gypsies

That's what it is now.  I try to do it before 12PM, but I don't always.  I do find it's harder to squeeze it in afterwards though.  There's probably a study on that matter.


July 16, 2013 11:29PM

Clearly I haven’t gotten into a routine with this blog yet.

I have yet to find any person that I think is successful that doesn’t have a routine or a schedule.  That says something about routines and schedules: they work.

Routines, I find, are more like..what’s the word..they’re not fully realized.  They often (at least for me) just happen on their own.  They’re subconscious.  Whereas a schedule is something external that I create.  Sometimes the two are woven together and it becomes more like a ritual.  That was the word I was looking for.

Routines are rituals and schedules are something that sounds good that starts with the letter S.  I’m working on mine.

Fixing Bad Practicing

February 20, 2013

I was working on Big Love by Fleetwood Mac today.  Not the album version - the live version from The Dance.  It’s a workout to say the least.

I used to be good at practicing.  And sometimes I still am.  But if I want to be a better guitarist, then I need to be good at practicing all the time.  I don’t mean being good about practicing.  I mean actually being good at practicing.  I can sit with my guitar on my lap all day and say that I played it all day.  Or practiced all day.  But did I really?  No.  Will I get better that way?  No.

So it’s back to keeping a practice log and writing down what I’m going to practice.  I’ve been waking up earlier for whatever reason.  I think it’s a sign: practice.  My soul knows what’s happening, and I know I feel better when I play guitar more.  And practice more.

My callouses have gone down.  If nothing else, I have to remedy that.

Oh, and this also applies to singing and writing.  I’m the most diligent about writing and the least diligent about singing.

That being said, it’s 11:35PM.  I’m gonna go be musical.