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So...About That...

I was supposed to write about how my scheduling went just before I went to LA to record.

Well, it went.  I wasn't the best at it.  I noticed that on days where I didn't teach, I did better with keeping things together.  I think that was because I felt less pressure around my tasks.  Weird.  Then when I was in LA, I did not keep to a schedule because I had no idea when I would be recording or eating dinner or getting home.

I'm on Day Three of my second Whole30 of 2016.  Between my trip to LA, going to Maine for a weekend, and then going to Austin, I needed a reset.  I'm also the type of person who needs limits, even self-imposed limits.  I, like Billy Joel, go to extremes.  I ate eight scones in less than 24 hours while I was in Austin.  Yup.  Eight.  On a Whole30 I will have zero scones.

I'm almost back into a routine.  I head back to LA in 20 days (!!) for the ASCAP I Create Music Expo.  And between now and then, I'd better get my act together.  Including things for the Expo.  Including a better upkeep of this blog.

I will be sharing my songs with you all in the near future.  And I'm excited about that.  I know I'm biased, but they sound real good.

This..has been a scattered post.  I'm gonna go now.

I'm Becoming A Lounge Lizard

I can tell that I've been using my iPhone too much because my right hand has been hurting a lot these days.  I know it sounds weird, but it's true.  In some ways it's good.  It's a reminder of DON'T TOUCH YOUR PHONE UNLESS YOU ACTUALLY REALLY NEED TO.  Which, in most cases, I don't have to use my phone.

I played at the Lizard Lounge last night on a moment's notice.  There were spots available so I jumped on one.  I think I've only missed two Mondays since March 16th.  One was to go skiing and the other one was because of rehearsal (and my inability to grab a slot last minute).  I love spending my Monday nights there.  There is always a great crowd and great performers, and it's a great space to try out new songs.  I haven't done that in a while.  I've got some tunes in the works that I'm finishing up hopefully soon.

Until then, enjoy the temporarily titled "Passports and Calling Cards"

I Might As Well Use It

I have this blog/website so I might as well use it.  I mean, I do pay for it.

And seeing how I no longer use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform on a regular basis (unless you count tumblr - I forward these to my tumblr), it might be a good idea to use this to maintain somewhat of an online presence.  Although I think I like maintaining my offline presence a bit more.  That being said, I still do like to blog.  I've been blogging since I knew what it was.  It's my constant as far as Internet stuff goes.  I found some of my old blogs recently...Oof.  They almost make me not want to blog haha!

I'll get back to posting songs and music and all that fun stuff again.

In the meantime, I'm gonna go play guitar.

(Some things never change.)

Current Jam: Two Gunslingers by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers