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The Art of the Playlist

I was making mixes/playlists the other day.  I don't make mixes very often because it's an agonizing process for me.  Seriously.  I started with over 70 songs that I had to dwindle down to 31 to fit on two CDs.  It was torture.

See, for me, the songs have to flow.  I can't just throw a completely random bunch together - that's a different process.  No.  The end of the song has to flow well enough into the beginning of the next song.  I don't like having two songs in the same key back-to-back.  If I include the same artist more than once (Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and Tom Petty all make multiple appearances) then I have to properly space them out.  It's no easy task.

That being said, I still want to be a Classic Vinyl DJ for a day.  It might kill me, but it'd be worth it.

The Blues

February 10, 2013


I’m kind of disappointed that Jack White didn’t win tonight.  Mumford and Sons was the obvious choice.  In fairness I haven’t listened to all of Babel, but I think Blunderbuss rocks.



Now onto a completely different topic, but not really because without the blues the above artists (especially Jack White) wouldn’t exist.

I fell into the blues via Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones.  The Stones were definitely my gateway band to the blues.  And I couldn’t be more thankful for that if I tried.

The blues is a genre that hit me hard.  Not because I could truly relate to the people singing the songs, but I think because I really wanted to understand where they were coming from.  I think in my own ways I can relate to the songs on a lyrical level, but it’s the whole sound that attracts me.  It all hangs there.  I will never compare my struggles to the struggles of these artists, but their mine and on some levels, everyone goes through hard times and can relate to the blues.  It’s universal.  I laugh a little bit when I say that because my problems are first world problems, and these songs are not about first world problems.

And the blues doesn’t always have to be sad.  There are some pretty happy blues songs.  Look at Stevie Ray - Pride and Joy is not a sad song.  I could think of more, but it’s getting late and I’m getting tired.

I’m listening to an album called 25 Blues Masters.  It’s pretty awesome.  And it’s making me miss the days when I dug deep into the blues.  It’s time I add it back into my life on a more consistent basis.

Listening to the blues is doing two things for me right now.  It’s making me want to listen to them more.  And it’s making me want to listen to Led Zeppelin real bad.  So I’m gonna do both.

Or maybe I’ll just go to sleep.

Not Fade Away [Movie]

January 8, 2013 (technically it’s January 9, but I was at the movies)

I saw Not Fade Away tonight.  I really enjoyed it.  It paints a nostalgic reality of how hard it was (and still is) to keep a band going.  The struggles were different then than they are now, but there are still struggles.  You cannot get around them.  If you’re in a band, you will sit there thinking “some days this is my life.”

The movie also made me long for a the 60s.  I can’t do anything (but live vicariously through biographies and autobiographies and documentaries) about that.  On the bright side - I’m known for the bright side - everything is cyclical and we are in a very interesting (or dangerous, as Lester Bangs would have said) time for the music industry.

Music is the most powerful thing on the planet when it catches on.  Part of it’s the accessibility and the speed.  If you could read a book as fast as you listen to “Satisfaction,” then it’d be a different story.

I’m quite tired today.  So here’s the list:

Top Five:

The Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin
Little Feat
Stevie Wonder
Van Morrison