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Improvise! And Say Yes

My friend Drew Lucas is the guitarist for the Boston Unscripted Musical Project aka BUMP.  He invited me to their show tonight, and it was awesome.  Five singers/actors, one band, and one completely improvised show.  Tonight's show was titled Velvet Umbrella, as shouted out by another friend of mine in the audience.

I had a great time at it, and throughout the night I found myself thinking about how awesome our brains are.  It's pretty cool to think that nine people wrote a musical on the fly.  Go, humans!

If you ask any improv actor what the most imortant part of improv is, they will all say that saying yes is the most important part.  Yes leaves you vulnerable.  The amount of trust you're placing in the person you're saying yes to is incredible.  Because you have no idea where she's leading you.  But there you go.

It made me realize that I need to say yes to myself more often when writing.  Mainly songs, but anything else I write.  I need to let myself go there, wherever there is.  Sometimes I'm good about it, sometimes I'm not.  I need to work on getting better at it.  And how do I get better at saying yes?  By saying yes more. 

It's really all improvisation until it's not.