Amy Mantis


The Eagles and Nostalgia

April 11, 2013 9:57PM

I’m listening to the Eagles right now.  When I listen to the Eagles, especially around this time of year, it’s hard to not get nostalgic.  Last year Berklee honored the Eagles at graduation - let me back up: each year, Berklee has a huge concert called “The Commencement Concert” where a student band (selected by faculty members) plays the songs of the honorees.  Last year the Eagles were some of the honorees, and I was one of the guitarists in the band.

So it’s hard not to get emotional and think lots of things about it.  It was a great experience and I am honored to have been a part of it.  I snuck into that gig because, to quote Julien Kasper, the groove gets the gig, and the person piecing together the rhythm section said that I have great time.  I also have a great time while playing, which never hurts when you’re playing in front of several thousand people.

So that’s how I got that gig.

That gig came at a very trying time in my young life and I’m beyond grateful to have had it come when it did because it took my mind off other matters like the future of Canary.  Our original singer, Jackie Berkley, had informed us that she was unsure of her future in the band. I thought my life was over.  It was honestly one of the most devastating things to ever happen to me.  It was six weeks of hell on my end.  Jackie and I are totally cool now, and I’m really glad we are, but she’ll admit that there was a time when we were not okay because of her indecisiveness.

The Eagles remind of that time, which is why for a while I didn’t listen to them - even after I played half a dozen of their hits to an audience that they were a part of.  Even now, my stomach is in knots, but there’s a smile on my face.

That’s the power of music right there for you.  I can simultaneously smile while I recall the cloud of emotions that surrounded me less than a year ago.

Now, as for the Eagles, I am not too cool to be an Eagles fan.  I’m going to see them this summer, and I genuinely think that they have some phenomenal songs (as does a vast majority of the rest of the world).  There are some Eagles songs that are totally Amy songs.  ”Those Shoes,” “Victim Of Love,” and “Life In The Fast Lane” all qualify as Amy songs.  Why?  Cool and dirty guitar parts, blues-based, reasonably simple, and fun.  ”Those Shoes” and “Victim Of Love” are a bit more on the Amy side than “Life In The Fast Lane” is but it still counts.  The first two hang on the same thing for a while which is something I enjoy.  I think they’re also both in G, which is one of my favorite keys.  But I digress.

I hope you find something useful in there.  I’m gonna go.