Amy Mantis


The Long Form

September 15, 2013

John Lennon used to write books.  And read lots of books.

I did a self-taught speed reading course earlier this year.  At my best right now I can read 1,800 words per minute.  JFK could read 2,000 words per minute.  People seem shocked when I tell them that I can read that fast.  To be honest I average around 1,100 words per minute these days.  I stopped practicing regularly and it shows.  So I’ll be going back to regular practice to sustain and improve my pace.

I wanted to be able to read more books.  And since I’ve been speed-reading, I’ve found myself gravitating towards lengthier things.  I tweet considerably less, spend less time on Facebook, and read longer articles and books.  I still enjoy the quick fix, but I now enjoy the long form more than I ever have before.  Probably because I can read it faster than I have ever been able to.

I like stories.  I like long stories.  Some of my favorite songs are well over the traditional three-minute mark.  I haven’t written a really long song yet.  I’m sure it’s coming, given my interest in the long form.

The irony is that this blog is generally on the short side of things.