Amy Mantis


The Songs Belong to Everybody

I was writing today, and as I was writing I was thinking, should I write about this?

The answer is always yes.

At first, the song is mine.  All mine.  Whatever the topic is, it belongs to me.  As soon as I bring it to the band, it’s theirs.  It’s no longer a song just about what I wrote it about - it relates to them.  When we bring it to the audience, it’s theirs.  It’s yours.  It’s everyones.

Songwriting lends itself to interpretation.  What a song means to me means something completely different to you.

And that’s what makes it so amazing.

Top Five:

Led Zeppelin (I bought Celebration Day today)
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Paul McCartney
Jeff Beck
Bad Company (Classic Vinyl loves Bad Company)