Amy Mantis


Thoughts On Practicing

July 17, 2013 11:06PM

Brooke (Canary’s singer) came over tonight to work on some new covers.  I hadn’t touched my guitar at all today, and man, did it show.

I go through phases of believing I need to practice every day for as much as I possibly can.  Then I do the exact opposite and think that I need to not practice for as much time as I can afford.  Lately I’ve been more in the latter but I’m somewhere in the middle to be honest.

I know I play better when I practice more.  That makes sense though, doesn’t it?  I was telling a friend of mine the other day how I don’t regret anything I didn’t do in high school - except for that I didn’t practice enough.  I missed a lot of things (most of said things I found and still do find to be moronic, but to each their own).  I practiced a LOT in high school.  I probably averaged three and a half hours per day for four years.  But imagine if I had doubled my average!

I need to do two things:

Practice more, and practice better.

Go to bed.