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Time Off?

For the better part of my time as a musician I have been a believer in that there is no time off.  In the traditional sense.  My best friend works in insurance.  He gets x-amount of vacation days.  I don’t.  Yeah, I’ll take a break, but I usually start itching to play again within 48 hours of not playing.  The longest time I’ve gone without playing guitar that I can remember, in recent times, is four or five days.  That was a year ago right around this time of year.  I came down with a bad case of mono and had to come home.  I went to the ER and then went home with whatever I had with me that morning.  I didn’t go back to my apartment for my guitar(s).

Prior to that, the longest would have been eight days tops.  I brought my guitar - and still do bring it with me - nearly everywhere I go.

Today is Christmas Eve and my family hosts a party every year.  I’m excited for it, as always.  But I just snuck up to my room to write a bit before I’m summoned downstairs by my friends and family for the festivities.  I actually started on something really solid that I’m excited to go back to tomorrow night or later tonight if the chance arises.

Anyway.  Time off isn’t really a thing in my book.

Top Five (Three):

Carole King
Joni Mitchell
The Killers

Merry Christmas!

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