Amy Mantis


Vocal Vibrato

August 4, 2013

Double sessions are coming up!  I’m determined to have 365 blog posts by the time I’m 24.  Now I’m playing catch up.

Today I was demoing a song of mine and I had a huge moment.  For this first time ever, I had vibrato in my voice.  It was for one second, but it was there.  The ever elusive (for me) vibrato.  I had it.

My teacher says if you can do something once, you can do it again.  And I agree.  I asked him a couple of weeks ago how do you develop vibrato.  I thought it was about control, he informed me it’s the opposite of control.  It doesn’t show up unless you have total trust and flexibility with your voice.  That’s what Rocco said, and I believe him.  When I was singing today, or at least when I was singing that one note, I trusted myself and let go.

Now I just need to do it again.