Amy Mantis


You're Never Going to be Able to do this Ever Again

August 15, 2013

I will catch up.

There’s a notion I don’t like.  The notion that some things are only available to us for a limited period of time.  While there are some things that are definitely available for a limited period of time, I think most things that we think aren’t going to be available will be.  Or at least they can be, depending on how you want to live your life.

That’s just it - how do you want to live your life?  Now is always the best time to do things you think have a limited window.  For starters, it gets you out of your comfort zone.  And how else do you move forward?  I’m starting to think about how everything is connected.

I also was talking today about how it’s interesting to think about what would happen if we messed up all of our historical discoveries.  Rome, Greece, Egypt - what if we got it all wrong?  Interesting thought, eh?

I think most things can be done later.  It depends on your choices.