Amy Mantis


You Shouldn’t Have To Ask

This song ended up spurring on a record that we’re working on now, and we couldn’t be more excited if we tried - in regards to the song and the record. We kept it local this time, and Sean McLaughlin handled the production, recording, and mixing, and Greg Abate took care of the mastering.

A Good Hurt

Inspired by the energy of having a band again, the four of us went to LA to work with Brian Packer on what became A Good Hurt. It features two songs (Portrait and Three Years) written and sung by our now-departed keyboardist and vocalist, Wells Albritton (who also sings on the tile track). We recorded this over a two day period at Kingsize Soundlabs as well as one evening at casa del Packer. Mastering was done by Donovan Edelstein.

Available for purchase on Apple Music or Bandcamp

Where The Mountain Should Be

My first EP - I recorded this with my dear friend Brian Packer (producer/engineer/more guitars) at Kingsize Soundlabs in Los Angeles, California along with Nate Laguzza (drums and percussion) and Adam Popick (bass, organ, and piano) over the course of one Sunday afternoon. Additional tracking (vocals, lead guitar, and more guitar) was done at casa del Packer. I built the band I have now around this sound and this record.

Available for purchase on Apple Music or Bandcamp